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Li River Sunrise&Sunset Tour


This is very good choice for the tourists who want to see the sunrise, sunset, we offer a small private boat for a small group of tourists to see the most breathtaking landscape of Li River at the right time while joining the big group with over 30 tourists never get the chance to see this wonder.  This cruise is tailor-made to the special tourists who like adventure and touch of the nature.

To see the best landscape in Guilin Yangshuo area:   li river cruise in early morning, take helicopter ride to see panoramic view or walk up to the top of hills to see panoramic view.

If you stay in Guilin.

Pickup ( one hour)  from Guilin hotel to Yangdi,  Yangdi to Xingping by boat for around 2 hours.

If you stay in Yangshuo

Route 1.   Pickup ( half hour) from Yangshuo to Xingping,  Xingping to Yangdi  and back to Xingping by boat for around 2 and an half hours.   

Route 2.   Yangshuo dock to Liugong village and back to Yangshuo by boat for around 2 hours.  

Cruise down the river you will feast your eyes with the inverted image of fantastic peaks with various shapes, crystal clear water, green hills, bamboo groves, the river passes an endless procession of distinct peaks and bamboo groves and the stunning landscape. Pinnacled peaks pop up and surprise you at each bend of the river. Water buffaloes patrol on the fields; ducks paddle in the waters, peasants reap paddies in front of village houses, fishermen use the cormorants to catch the fish and return them to the boat and kids go home singing songs. You can also see the smoke of breakfast cooking fly from the farmers' houses and you will have a lifetime experience.

If you want to do this special tour please contact us for more info.