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5 Days Guizhou Landscape Tour

Day 1.   Airport pickup to Huanguoshu Waterfall .     Stay in Huangguoshu Waterfall Hotel.     4* 

Day 2.   Visit Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Cave.      Stay in Huangguoshu Waterfall Hotel.     4* 

Visit Hangguoshu Waterfalls.  Is biggest waterfalls groups in China, Huangguoshu Falls 68 meters high, with waterfalls is 81 meters wide, huge waters look like pouring from the sky. You can hear the roars kilometer away.

Tianxing Bridge, 6 km downstream form the Huangguoshuo Waterfall, include Tianxing potted landscape, Tianxing Cave Scenery and Rock Forests, and merges grotesque mountains, rocks, solution caves and waters into a whole.

Dragon Cave,  The Dragon Palace Scenic Area is located in 27 km southwest of Anshun and 132 km from Guiyuang. It is famed for the more than 90 fabulous caves and numerous amazing cascades insides.

It is a fascinating adventure for visitors to float through the astonishingly changing views as you tour deeper into the cave by boat. 


Day 3.   Huangguoshu Waterfall-- ---Zhijin Cave----Qinyan Ancient Town.   stay in Qinyan Hotel. 

Zhijin Cave is reputed as teh most cave in China where you can see beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flowers with various shape, all glistening in colorful lights which create breathtaking splendor.

Day 4.   Qingyan Ancient Town, Tianlong Village.    Stay in Qinyan Hotel.  

Tianlong Village, Among such stone castles, Tianlong Tunpu, 72 kilometers west of Guiyang, is the best-preserved one. Since the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), Tianlong had been an important military fortress,guarding a major gateway to the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan.So the first emperor of Ming dynasty stationed troops for both defense and landre clamation.  

Today, over 5000 people in 1,250 households, continue to live in Tianlong Tunpu. Being the descendents of the imperial Ming Dynasty garrison troops, Tunpu people have maintained their traditional customs and way of life from the Ming Dynasty, ina kind of "lost world" environment.

Qinyan Ancient Town. Located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City, about 29 km away from the downtown, Qingyan Old Town is among the Four Great Old Towns in Guizhou, which attracts many tourists home and abroad for its tranquility, primitive simplicity and traditional feel.The old town was built on mountains with various Chinese traditional temples about six hundred years ago during the Ming Dynasty. The whole town was made of stone bricks; hence its name “Qingyan Old Town” since the “Qingyan” means big rocks in Chinese. This makes the old town redolent of Ancient Chinese flavour with exquisite engravings, rock carvings and stone lanes. 


Day 5.  Transfer to Guiyang Airport for departure. 

              1 person               2-5 persons             6-9 persons          over 9 persons
               USD 900               USD 645              USD 450              USD 345

Package Includes:

A.  Admissions of the sites mentioned.
B.  Hotel with breakfasts.
C.  Personal Guide Services.
D.  Private transport between airports or train stations, hotel and all the scenic spots
      mentioned in the itinerary by air-conditioned car, van or mini-bus.

Package Excludes:

A.   Air tickets,
B.   Personal expenses and optional items.
C.   Lunches and dinners.
D.   Gratuities to the service staffs.
E.   Others not mentioned above.