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Lian Lodge


Sitting on top of a mountain, bordering a local village and overlooking magnificent rice terraces, Li-An Lodge is an entirely wood structure implementing the Chinese traditional building technique of tongue and groove without a single nail. Keren Su, founder of China Span, a renowned photographer, painter and adventurous world traveler, discovered this spot during a photography trip in 1997. It took him 8 years to design and finish this one-of-a-kind lodge, where now Chinese tradition meets modern luxury.

The unique location of Li-An Lodge has made it the best place for art lovers. The Longji (Dragon Spine) Terrace began its construction in the Yuan Dynasty and was completed in early Qing Dynasty, a history of 650 years. The rolling mountains are sculptured with tightly packed terraces on the precipitous slopes, extending for hundreds of miles. All year round, the terraces present different beauty in different seasons. Just open the window of the room, a panoramic view of idyllic landscape is for everyone to enjoy. Several trails from the lodge lead to other scenic spots and local villages.

It is the deluxe hotel in Pingan village.    

the room rate from usd 300 to 600.  

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