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Water Cave


Buddha Cave is more adventurous and beautiful cave in Yangshuo.  

Spend 1.5 to 3 or more hours inside the 3km long cave passing through 3 mountains as you go. Whilst inside the cave you can go boating, wading and swimming in many crystal clear pools. You can dive from a 3m high platform into the clear water below. Try out the mud slide and slide into the MUD BATH. You can shower under a lot of waterfalls. You can play tunes on some of the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites you will encounter. You will probably see fish and other fauna.

The water in the cave is 0.5m deep and has a gentle flow which is clean and safe. The cave is full of narrow, maze-like, and sometimes dangerous passages. A guide and a flashlight are necessary, and it is necessary to crawl through muddy holes, climb up and down stalagmites, and sidle in between stalactites with the aid of ropes and ladders. The cave is the most extensive, unaltered subterranean micro cosmos in the area. Complete with stalactite "drums" and an underground waterfall pool, you can bathe and swim. Bring your swimsuit and towel the Caves tour is partly by boat and requires some wading. This expedition takes you through some great underground swimming holes so go prepared to get wet and dirty!

You have to wear helmet and slipper when explore the cave. it is great experience for the more adventurous traveler.

Tips:  Bring your swimsuit and towel and be prepared for a wet and MUDDY experience.

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